How to know the service status on Window 2003

Sc.exe also displays service status and retrieves the values stored in the status structure fields.You can set the parameters to these functions by specifying them on the command line.The tool also lets you specify the name of a remote computer so that you can call the service API functions or view the service status structures on the remote computer.
sc query
sc query type= service state= all

To create a list of active drivers, use
sc query type= driver
Or for a list of everything, use
sc query state= all
How to Use ?
Open cmd and type
sc query

Some more ways to use SC command.

sc config
This command is used to determine the status of a service at system startup. A service can be set to run automatically, manually or not at all.

sc config ServiceName start= flag

Here ServiceName is the name of the service and flag has one of the values auto, demand. or disabled .

sc config ServiceName start= demand
Note that there must be a space after the equals sign.

If you want to Know the status of services on Remote then type

sc \\server_name query

Please Note: Some services cannot or should not be stopped. To know more about the commad type sc /? on CMD or

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