Tips to delete virus without using antivirus

Operating System : Window 7

Tools Required :
1. Unlocker.exe This is not antivirus this is a tool which we used be process is locked by some other process then using this you can unlock the process.

1. Open CMD and type following command.
cd \
attrib -h

This will display file with hidden attribute.
Displayed file in cmd ouput are system files having hidden attribute. Rest files will be virus.
2. Suppose there are two file abx.exe and xx11.vbs then type
attrib -h -s -r abx.exe | del abx.exe
attrib -h -s -r xx11.vbs | xx11.vbs

If you got access dined error then use unlocker.exe to unlock the file.To do just first install the unlocker.exe on system then right click on abx.exe and click on unlock menu it will open a window which ask the task u want to perform. Ex.

Note: Do same steps in C:\Window\System32\ whatever suspicious file you see just del using above steps.
Same process you can use on window xp but you should aware about system files otherwise you won't be able to boot the system.

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