How to Run Performance counter when Available RAM is Below threshold

Here, you will learn how to execute Performance counters once configured Alert reached below/above threshold value. I am configuring alert for RAM and trying to capture the performance counter report of running processes when memory will go below threshold value. Performance counter to monitor the performance will be triggered off  automatically once value reached below threshold. To do so, we will first create Alert in Perfmon to monitor the threshold value of RAM and then create counters for running process.

With this scenario, we will be able to find the list of processes running when RAM goes below threshold value. You can configure performance counters as per your requirement.

Lets go!!! Steps are given below.

1. Open Perfmon.
2. Create Alert for threshold value of RAM.

Here, we will select second option to create Alert for Memory.

Here, Add counter which you want to monitor, I am using Available memory(MB) to monitor Physical memory.

Configure the threshold value(Limit) for Available memory, I am using below 250 MB.

3. Create Performance counter for Process

Configure required counters. I am using Process to monitor, make sure select only "<All instances>" (as shown in below fig.) instead of selecting all process as I have to capture all the running processes when memory went to below threshold.

4. Now both alter and counters have been configured. Now, we have to configure Alert so that required performance can be triggered off once value reached to threshold value.

5. Go to Property of Alert and click Alert Action tab then select data collector name as created above.

6. Once all done, start only Alert. It will monitor the memory threshold value and once reached; it will triggered off  performance counters to monitor the running process.

I have explained logic which can be used as per requirement. I have done this to capture the running processes performance counters when threshold value of memory reaches below to 250 MB.

Same can be done to CPU as well..........

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