Block Messenger or gtalk in windows XP

1. Open Local security Setting under Administrative Tool.
2. Right click on IPsecurity Policies on Local computer click on Manage Ip filter List and Filter action.
3. Click on Manage Filter Action Tab and add Action.
******Steps for Action*******
1.Filter Action Wizard - > Name("Block") the Filter Action - > Filter Action General option( Select action whether u want block or permit , as u r blocking the port select "block") -> Finish.
4. Click on Manage Filter List Tab and Add filter.
******Steps to add filter*****
1. Name ("Block") the Ip filter list then click on Add button -> IP Filter wizard -> Source Address (use "My IP address") -> Destination IP address ( Use "Any IP address") -> Select Protocol Type ( Suppose u r going to block messenger port using port no. 5222 then select "TCP" in Protocol) -> specify the IP port ( define here the source port and destination if u want to block trafic from both, source and destination as well) -> Finish.
5. Ok
6. Close Manage Ip filter List and Filter action.
7. Right click on IPsecurity Policies on Local computer and click create ip security policy.
**********Steps to create Policy********
1. Name the Policy -> Uncheck the "Activate the default response rule -> Click on Edit Properties and Finish.
2.Click Add button and follow the screen.
****** Steps as follows ***********
1. Security Rule wizard -> Tunnel End Point (Select this rule doesn;t specify the tunnel) -> select LAN -> Authentication Method ( use default ) -> click "Yes" -> IP Filter List ( Select Filter as name "Block") -> Filter Action ( Select Action as name "Block") -> Finsh.
8. In Right Pane , Now Ur created policy will be displayed. Right click on that and assign the Policy.

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